Assembling Marketing-Mix

We assemble Marketing - Mix from a number of tools for your business. We take into account the current point of development of your project. We achieve guaranteed results (for 1 year):
Growth more than 2-4 times!
Market - Place
We integrate all the necessary Market - Places with transitions to the site: Google Merchant Center, etc. High-quality elaboration of feeds and settings of all systems.
We integrate a number of systems for the purchase of targeted traffic ("first touches"). We use traffic optimization by CPC, CPM, CPA (payment for performed actions). Such as: GoogleAds, FaceBook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
Email + Push
We integrate a number of systems for various email and push marketing scenarios . We set up a number of chains, return customers, increase LTV and turnover.
We integrate a number of remarketing systems. We use optimized models for purchasing traffic from CPL , CPO.
We integrate systems for complete web analytics of all traffic sources for all attribution models. Own business analytics system (crystal clear calculations for CPL,CPO,ROI)
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